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Is my child ready?

Emotional readiness is crucial. Is your child eager to learn new tasks? Do they get frustrated and give up easily, or do they show commitment to learning? Are they able to focus for 30 minutes at a time? Do they want to play the flute?

Do you and your child have the time? Learning music takes a real time commitment in daily practicing, attending lessons, and involvement in special events throughout the year. Because parental involvement is such a crucial part of the Suzuki philosophy, this would require you to not only be present for each of these areas, but also to be actively involved.

Are you willing to make a long-term commitment? Learning music is rewarding, but it is also a process that takes time. In the beginning, establishing fundamentals can sometimes seem to take forever, but the work pays off down the road. Are you willing to stick through the frustrating periods as well as the exciting ones?

Do lessons fit your budget? In addition to the studio tuition rate, families must be prepared to buy or rent an instrument, purchase Suzuki music/CDs and other materials, and be prepared to invest in opportunities outside the studio.

Come observe a lesson! I highly encourage prospective students to observe one of my current students in their lesson so that you can get a feel for my teaching style and the child can be sure that learning the flute is something that they really want to pursue.

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