Dr. Whitney Kelley Dr. Whitney Kelley flutist

In-Person Lessons

My flute studio is based in the north Denver Metro area, and I offer weekly private lessons to students from the age of 4 through adult seniors. I teach using the Suzuki Method, an approach that has been validated by many research studies as a very effective way to learn music (as well as other life-skills). The Suzuki Method is unique because it approaches music learning with the same principles as language acquisition. Specifically, it utilizes listening/imitation, repetition, delayed reading, creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment, building new skills with music already learned, and active parent involvement. Just as children learn language from a very young age, they can also begin to learn music when they are young. In fact, the early years are developmentally a crucial time for developing mental processes and muscle coordination, and music lessons are an effective way to maximize the child's potential during this time of their life. The principles of the Suzuki Method not only provide a framework for learning new skills in young and beginner students, but they are also very effective for advanced players as they learn to perfect advanced skills and, nurture their own creativity and musical voice, and perform at a professional level.

Although learning music is a primary goal of my studio, I also strive to teach students how to use music as a tool of expression, communication, and connection. Students will be challenged to build problem-solving skills, cultivate attention to detail, navigate complex mental and physical tasks, and develop resilience, perseverance, confidence, and self-efficacy. Even after students graduate or move on from my studio, they have a deep sense of pride and joy in music that sticks with them for a lifetime.

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