Dr. Whitney Kelley Dr. Whitney Kelley flutist

Online Lessons

I offer a limited number of weekly live Skype lessons for intermediate and advanced students who are unable to attend lessons at any of my studio locations.

Requirements for Skype lessons:

  • A quiet, well-lit space with good internet access during your lesson time
  • A webcam with a good built-in microphone, built in or external (please contact me for recommendations) that can be set up so that I can see your full upper body
  • A large screen (no phones!) so that you can see me clearly
  • A music stand
  • A metronome and tuner (there are many phone apps that can work for this; please ask for recommendations if you do not already have them)

Recommended Equipment (these are not required but will help your lesson experience):

  • External microphone
  • External speakers

Please contact me about available times, and rates. Students are also encouraged to sign up for one in-person lesson at any of my studio locations each month to receive more hands-on instruction (which will balance out this limitation in online lessons).

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